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Cinder also known as "lava rock" is a great landscaping material. It can be used  for running tracks, baseball infields, driveways, pathways, flower beds, hydroponic and aquaponics. 

Cinder is very porous and weighs less than half that of other landscape materials. It has excellent drainage properties and is erosion resistance. Cinder provides optimum drainage to a bed, making it a suitable choice for low-lying areas that collect water or for plants that prefer drier growing conditions. It is suitable in areas where you want minimal maintenance and plan to grow native or low-maintenance perennial shrubs, trees and plants. The rocks are best for areas where the ground is rarely disturbed and where the rocks can remain as a permanent part of the landscape.  Some of the benefits and most common uses are:

  • Easy installation
  • Controls erosion to help protect your landscape
  • Decorative ground cover
  • Soil amendment

We provide various sizes and colors.  The color and sizes may vary slightly from what is represented on our website.  For the best idea of what we offer, make an appointment to visit our Pearl City location.

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